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Keynote: At Home on Monadnock

In a region defined by a single mountain, Mount Monadnock holds the heart of many souls. Yet behind its peopled history is a natural history replete with crashing continents and island arcs, mountain ranges and roches moutonees, sabertooths and caribou, wolves and fire. In his keynote address, Dr. Rick Van de Poll will describe a few of the thousands of life forms that call Monadnock home, and relay the prospects for their survival in a changing world.

Dr. Van de Poll has been studying biodiversity throughout New England for more than 30 years. He has performed natural resource inventories on over 350,000 acres of land across 82 towns, including comprehensive study of the Horatio Colony Nature Preserve (Keene) and Otter Brook Farm (Peterborough and Greenfield).

Research Presentations

The schedule will feature 22 short talks, organized into six sessions: Mount Monadnock, wildlife, water, forest habitat management, ecological inventory, and humans & nature. A separate poster session will include presentations on geology, invasive plants, water quality, citizen science, forest health, and more. See below for a detailed, downloadable schedule and abstracts (including presenter bios) for each presentation.

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