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Pollinators We Love to Hate


Join Harris Center naturalist and entomologist Jenna Spear to find out what there is to love about mosquitoes, black flies, Japanese beetles, and more!

Firefly Watch with Mass Audubon


Join staff from Mass Audubon's Firefly Watch to learn how and why fireflies light up, how to identify them by their flash patterns, and how they can help inform us about a wide array of environmental issues.

Vermont’s Wild Bee Survey: What New Hampshire Can Learn

NOTE: This program has been POSTPONED.

Join conservation biologist Kent McFarland to learn about the Vermont Wild Bee Survey, which is collecting data on the population status, habitat needs, and conservation of these essential invertebrates.

Monitoring for Monarchs

Peterborough Peterborough, NH

Join Harris Center ecologists Brett Amy Thelen and Karen Seaver to survey for monarch eggs and caterpillars in a Harris Center-conserved milkweed patch in Peterborough. No experience necessary!

Moth Lighting with The Caterpillar Lab

Hancock Hancock, NH

Join The Caterpillar Lab for an evening of moth lighting! Bring your curiosity, and prepare to be amazed by the diversity, size, and beauty of our local nocturnal insects.

Youth Program: Monitoring for Monarchs

Peterborough Peterborough, NH

Join Harris Center ecologist Karen Seaver and LAB GIRLS leaders Susie Spikol and Emily Wrubel for a morning in the milkweed patch doing real, hands-on field science.

Managing Meadows for Wildlife


Join ecologists Jeff Littleton and Steven Lamonde to explore techniques for managing meadows with wildlife in mind. We’ll discuss the importance of meadows for biodiversity, and share ideas for developing and maintaining habitat for birds, pollinators, and other wildlife.

Native Wild Bees: Pollinator Superheroes


Join pollinator gardener and wild bee enthusiast Francie Von Mertens for a talk on plant-pollinator connections, and what we can do in backyards and beyond to help wild native bees thrive.

Pollinator Palooza!

Ashuelot River Park West Street, Keene, NH

Join the Harris Center and many other organizations for an afternoon of learning and celebration for National Pollinator Week! Activities will include: a pollinator scavenger hunt, creating your own bee box, painting your own pot for a native plant, and more.

Kids Count for Wildlife: Monarchs & Milkweed Survey

Peterborough Peterborough, NH

Calling all kids ages 9 through 18 who care about wildlife! Try your hand at field research by joining the Harris Center for a morning of counting monarch caterpillars, eggs, and butterflies. If you like treasure hunts and have a sharp eye for finding things, this outing is for you.

Monitoring for Monarchs

Peterborough Peterborough, NH

Join Harris Center ecologists to survey for monarch eggs, caterpillars, and butterflies in a Harris Center-conserved milkweed patch in Peterborough. No experience necessary!

Insect Safari & Bug Bonanza

Beech Hill Beech Hill Road, Dublin, NH

Join naturalist Susie Spikol for a morning meadow adventure in search of crickets, leafhoppers, butterflies, grasshoppers, and more. A great way for families with elementary-age children to learn about the wild world of arthropods.

Leave the Leaves


Learn the benefits of keeping your fall leaves and discover easy ways to turn leaves into compost or mulch with regenerative landscape designer Michele Chalice.

Monarch Butterfly Tagging

Hiroshi Land Route 137, Peterborough, NH

Every fall, monarch butterflies undertake a spectacular, 3,000-mile migration from New England to central Mexico. Here’s a chance to marvel at this far-ranging species up close and contribute to an understanding of their impressive annual migration!

Monadnock Region Natural History Conference

Keene State College 229 Main Street, Keene, NH

This full-day conference will feature presentations on a diversity of natural history topics, from wildlife to Mount Monadnock to accessibility in the outdoors.

The Secret Lives of Bees


Join bee expert Nick Dorian for an introduction to the wild bees of New England, which come in every size, shape, and color you can imagine — and live all around us, hiding in plain sight.