Four people -- in two canoes -- paddle across Lake Nubanusit, on their way to Spoonwood Pond. (photo © Brett Amy Thelen)

Camping at Spoonwood

a special wilderness experience for Harris Center supporters

The Skinny on Spoonwood

If there’s one place that’s near and dear to our hearts, it’s Spoonwood Pond — a wilderness pond deep in the heart of the SuperSanctuary, accessible only via canoe or kayak from Nubanusit Lake. We work hard to maintain a balance between providing access to this natural treasure and protecting the very things that make it so special. Overnight camping at Spoonwood Pond is carefully managed, and available by reservation only to Harris Center donors at the $75 level and above.

About Our Campsites

The Harris Center maintains four primitive campsites on Spoonwood Pond, each with their own character. These are not developed sites. They do not have picnic tables, plumbing, grills, fire rings, or reliable cell phone reception. They do offer beautiful views, great wildlife watching, and plenty of peace and quiet. Each site has a limit of two tents, for a total of no more than six campers. Sites #1 and #2 have tent platforms; sites #3 and #4 do not.


All four campsites are accessed only via canoe or kayak from Nubanusit Lake, with a short portage.


There is no running water at any of the campsites. Campers must bring their own water and/or a water filter for drinking and cooking. To protect Spoonwood Pond’s water quality, we also ask that campers use soaps, detergents, toothpaste, and toiletries of any kind (even “environmentally friendly” products) very sparingly, and never within 25 feet of the water.


There is a box latrine in the woods behind each campsite. Campers must supply their own toilet paper.


The remote nature of these campsites poses serious fire challenges. Open campfires and the burning of wood are strictly prohibited, and subject to a State of New Hampshire fine of up to $2,000 and/or up to one year in jail. All fires must be fueled only with charcoal, and contained in a hibachi, grill, free-standing metal fire pit, or something similar. Camp stoves are allowed.


Fireworks are strictly prohibited.


The shores of Spoonwood Pond are home to many species of wildlife. To minimize our impact on these wild neighbors, dogs are not allowed at the Harris Center’s campsites.


Camping at a remote and beautiful place like Spoonwood Pond comes with its own special music — the call of the loon, the hoot of an owl, the rush of the wind across the water. That said, we know it’s tough for some folks to part with their electronic music devices. We ask that you keep the volume low enough so only you can hear it. Remember that sound carries across the water, and will be heard by others who have sought out Spoonwood to experience its quiet nature.

Reservations & Scheduling

Campsite reservations are offered free of charge, as a thank-you to current Harris Center donors at the $75 level or above.


Campsites are open from  April 15 through October 31 each year.

Number of Visits

Each household may visit up to two different campsites within 12 months of the date they made their donation to the Harris Center. To ensure equitable access to this special experience, each visit is limited to a maximum of two consecutive overnights.


Reservations open for the season on April 1 at 9 a.m. or, in years when April 1 falls on a weekend, at 9 a.m. the following Monday. We take reservations both by phone at (603) 525-3394 and by email to Miles Stahmann, though phone reservations are preferred. If you request a reservation by email, please make sure to include your phone number so that we can call you to confirm. Please note that weekend dates in July and August typically fill early.

Loons are a common sight (and sound!) on Spoonwood Pond. (photo © Bruce Boyer)

Loons are a common sight (and sound!) on Spoonwood Pond. (photo © Bruce Boyer)

Moonrise, as viewed from one of the Harris Center's campsites on Spoonwood Pond. (photo © Caitlin Houlihan)

Moonrise, as viewed from one of the Harris Center's campsites on Spoonwood Pond. (photo © Caitlin Houlihan)

Contact Us

For more information on camping at Spoonwood Pond, please contact Miles Stahmann at (603) 525-3394.