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A Common Nighthawk perches on a gravel patch. (photo © Ken Schneider via the Creative Commons)

Project Nighthawk

Search the twilight skies.

Monitoring a State-Endangered Bird

Important Update

Nighthawk monitoring will likely look a little different in 2021, given the threat of COVID-19 and the need for social distancing. Read more here.

A Common Nighthawk in flight (photo © Kenneth Schneider via Creative Commons)The call of the Common Nighthawk (Chordeiles minor) was once a familiar sound in cities and towns throughout New Hampshire, where they nested on peastone roofs and fed on insects attracted to city lights. Over the last few decades, nesting nighthawks have disappeared from many New Hampshire towns; in the few places where they remain, their numbers have dramatically declined. Biologists are still trying to figure out why.

To keep track of Keene’s nighthawk population, the Harris Center and New Hampshire Audubon coordinate volunteer nighthawk surveys on summer evenings in Keene. To learn more, join us for a volunteer training, review our volunteer materials, or contact Brett Amy Thelen.

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For more information or to volunteer, please contact Brett Amy Thelen at (603) 358-2065 or by email.