Hunts Pond in autumn glory. (photo © Brett Amy Thelen)

Red Oak Leadership Society

Recognizing Leadership-Level Support

Sepia tone image of a branching oak tree with the words "Red Oak Leadership Society" superimposed on it.

The Red Oak Leadership Society acknowledges leadership-level support (annual giving of $1,000 or more), which is critical to achieving the Harris Center’s important work. We are extremely grateful for our Red Oak Leadership Society members and host a special event each year to honor them.

We named this society after the red oak because it has many of the same qualities as our esteemed Harris Center supporters:

  • Majestic red oaks can tower high in the forest canopy and spread their strong branches wide.
  • Red oaks are adaptable and continue to prosper in warmer or drier conditions.
  • Red oak timber is strong, enduring, and beautiful, making it valuable for furniture, flooring, structural timbers, and more.
  • Red oak acorns and young foliage nourish many wildlife species, its extensive root system keeps it grounded and safe, and its canopy offers shade and protection.
  • Red oaks continue to grow rapidly as they mature and can live for 400 years.

With the help of our Red Oak Leadership Society, the Harris Center will thrive for just as long.


For more information, please contact Amy Fackelmann at (603) 525-3394 or by email.