Galen Kilbride

Conservation Easement Monitoring Intern

Galen Kilbride poses for a picture with a fluffy cat on his shoulder. (photo: Galen Kilbride)Born and raised in Deering, New Hampshire, Galen Kilbride has always been close to nature. By exploring the woods, small ponds, and streams in his backyard, he formed a strong sense of connection with plants and animals early in life. It is in these wild places that he feels truly at home. Currently living in Antrim, New Hampshire, where he built a timber frame house from trees harvested on his property, Galen continues to appreciate the outdoors.

After working in the agricultural fencing business for many years, Galen decided it was time for a change. The task of monitoring conservation easements with the Harris Center’s land protection and stewardship program is a great way for him to visit new forests and observe more wildlife in the area. He hopes to become competent in this work and may even pursue it as a future career.