Bobcats Before Breakfast

"Bobcats Before Breakfast" book cover.

A Naturalist’s Journey

“The remarkable account of one man’s extraordinary commitment to the natural world…”

In celebration of the Harris Center’s 50th Anniversary, Stackpole Books is reprinting John and Aino Kulish’s classic 1969 memoir Bobcats Before Breakfast, with a new forward by Mark Reynolds. From the publisher:

Bobcats Before Breakfast is the firsthand account of a 20th century naturalist, guide, hunter, trapper, and woodsman who spent more than forty years living with and off the land. With grit and zeal, [Kulish] gathered knowledge about how animals live and shared his findings [as a naturalist for] the Harris Center for Conservation Education in Hancock, NH. Kulish’s daily routine was to rise before dawn, get out into the woods, and track, observe, and record his findings on deer, otters, beaver, bobcats — all before breakfast. “I’m still not sure whether I learned to understand people because they are so much like wild animals, or wild animals because they are so much like people,” wrote Kulish.

Paperback. 192 pages.


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