Ben King


Naturalist Ben King stands on a green lawn with his arms outstretched and two taxidermied hawks, encased in glass, at his feet. (photo © Ben Conant)Ben grew up among the rolling hills and farmland of central Ohio, where he spent summers at camp hunting, fishing, and exploring the wonders of the eastern deciduous forest. However, it was a couple father-son trips exploring the Colorado Rockies and canoeing through Algonquin Provincial Park that solidified his passion for understanding and connecting to our natural world. These formative experiences soon led him back out west, this time to Prescott College in Arizona, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Adventure Education in 2016.

Ben has both taught at and directed environmental education programs in California and Ohio. He’s also worked as a white water raft guide in Colorado and Montana, and as a ski and snowboard technician in Washington. But it’s here in New Hampshire that he and his wife Linsey chose to put down roots — quite literally, as they run a small farm in Peterborough. Ben joined the Harris Center as a Teacher-Naturalist in 2021.