Susie Spikol

Community Programs Director & Teacher-Naturalist

Harris Center naturalist Susie Spikol leads a program for young children. (photo © Ben Conant)Susie spent her youth exploring the wild edges of Brooklyn, NY and roving the rolling green hills of southern Vermont. After one statistics class, she abandoned her childhood dream of becoming a wolf scientist and decided that teaching children in the outdoors was just as exciting as working with a pack of wild canines.

After interning as an environmental educator with the Central Park Conservancy and several summer stints with the Massachusetts Audubon Society, she wandered upon the Harris Center in 1991 and — to our great benefit — has never left.

When she’s not catching frogs with preschoolers, tracking bobcats with middle schoolers, or hawkwatching with her own three children, Susie tucks away to time to write. You can find selections of her writing here and here.