Environmental Leadership Award Winners

Environmental Leadership Award Winners

Recognizing Rising Environmental Leaders

In June 2020, the Harris Center honored Zoe Werth of Peterborough and Trevor Faber of Hancock — both recent graduates of ConVal High School — with our 2020 Environmental Leadership Awards.

These exemplary students have demonstrated a strong interest in environmental issues during their high school years. In addition, they have put that interest into action and are headed to colleges where their intention is to make the environment an important part of their studies. Along with this honor, Zoe and Trevor will each receive a $2,500 scholarship, which was made possible through the generosity of an anonymous donor who believes that the health of our environment is ultimately in the hands of young people who are committed to making a positive impact on the natural world.

Zoe Werth

Zoe WerthZoe is particularly passionate about sustainable agriculture and renewable energy. As a four-year “Farm to Fork” Fellow for the Cornucopia Project, Zoe studied sustainable agricultural practices, the impacts of climate change, and the importance of wildlife. She also helped run Cornucopia’s farm operations, from growing crops to building a hoop house.

In 2019, Zoe campaigned for a presidential candidate who had a demonstrated concern for the environment and supported the Green New Deal, and she is planning to campaign for eco-friendly legislature in the future. Last fall, Zoe joined the newly formed ConVal for Climate club and also worked with the Peterborough Energy Committee to help attain approval for the installation of solar panels at ConVal.

“The school uses a lot of energy, and with renewable energy, we can offset a lot of carbon emissions and save money!”

Zoe plans to attend the University of New Hampshire in the fall, majoring in Biomedical Science at its College of Life Sciences and Agriculture.

Trevor Faber

Trevor Faber“My love and appreciation for the outdoors have instilled in me a responsibility to look after and take care of our environment.”

As a child, Trevor attended summer camp at the Harris Center, where he learned that “encouraging people to enjoy nature is the best way to preserve it.” Trevor does indeed enjoy nature; he is an avid backpacker, mountain biker, canoer, and hiker! He’s been involved in outdoor recreation groups such as the Greenfield Trails Association, and has volunteered with the Hancock Conservation Commission.

In his senior year at ConVal, Trevor undertook an independent study focused on renewable energy sources. His research explorations took him from creating his own miniature wind turbine that could replace solar panels in shaded windy areas, to building a 36v 20A battery pack from recycled laptops, to crafting a hydrogen generator made of recycled parts.

Trevor plans to bring his love for nature into the engineering field to help fight climate change. He will be attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the fall, where he plans to study Mechanical Engineering.

A Bright Future

The Harris Center wishes Trevor and Zoe all the best as they embark on their college careers, and we look forward to seeing how they create positive environmental change in their communities and beyond. Congratulations to both of these promising young leaders!

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