Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc.

Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc.

Celebrating 200 Years!

Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc., which has contributed generously to the Harris Center for many years, celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2019. Talk about staying power! Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Richard G. Verney writes in an open letter on the company’s blog:

“As we reflect on our history, it is clear that environmental awareness and sustainability have been instrumental in our success. Coupled with our deep roots in the Bennington, New Hampshire, community and the support of generations of dedicated employees, we are as humble as we are proud of our growth and perseverance in the ever-changing paper industry.”

All in the Family

Strong values, dedicated employees, and excellent leadership are certainly apparent in the success of this landmark company, which is the oldest continuously operating paper mill in the country. The mill was purchased by Gilbert Verney in 1948. The Verney family was just the fourth family to own the company. Gilbert had the foresight to steer the company toward the production of specialty papers and to then continue to diversify, a key factor in its continued success.

The mill is now under the exemplary leadership of Gilbert’s son, Richard G. Verney. Just like his father, Richard had the foresight to stay ahead of the curve several decades ago by focusing on eco-friendly products and sustainability. Recycled papers, biodegradable products, and Kona paper made of shredded coffee bean bags reclaimed from roasters throughout the United States are some of the ways Monadnock Paper has remained at the fore of paper production, employing 150 workers.

This video beautifully illustrates Monadnock’s story:

Caring About the Environment

A black & white photo of the Monadnock Paper Mills building.With a history of giving back to the community, Monadnock Paper Mills has been a loyal supporter of Harris Center educational programs for many years. They even underwrote the expansion of Harris Center programs into the Bennington Elementary School, a crucial gift at a pivotal point in time.

The mill is a great neighbor in many ways. Sensitive to environmental impact, Monadnock generates up to 50% of its electricity from onsite, low-impact hydroelectric turbines. In addition, 100% of the fiber byproduct from their manufacturing processes is reused as soil amendment, compost, and animal bedding in our surrounding communities. As Richard Verney writes,

“Monadnock also continues to participate in voluntary EPA programs to track and improve environmental performance as a Green Power Leader, WasteWise Partner and SmartWay Transport Partner. . . . [We’ve] realized significant reductions in energy consumption and emissions. Proudly, we also made great strides with an approximate nine percent improvement in our zero-manufacturing waste to landfill objective.”

Looking to the Future Together

We celebrate this fantastic milestone with Monadnock Paper Mills and look forward to connecting with this esteemed neighbor and Business Partner for many decades to come!

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