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Butterflies of New Hampshire


Have you ever wondered which butterflies are flitting through your garden? Join retired wildlife biologist and butterfly fan Mark Ellingwood for an introduction to these captivating and charismatic insects.

How Food Choices Affect the Planet & Your Health with Frances Moore Lappe


Join Frances Moore Lappé, renowned author of "Diet for a Small Planet," for a conversation about the power of your food choices. Now celebrating its 50th anniversary with a new edition, Lappé’s groundbreaking book outlines how moving toward a plant-based diet can help the environment and your health.

Turtle Talk: New Hampshire’s Turtles & How You Can Help


Join wildlife rehabilitators Dallas Huggins and Drew Stevens of NH Turtle Rescue for an overview of New Hampshire's native turtle species, and to learn how to be a good neighbor to your local turtles.

Exploring Bird Migration Science with the National Audubon Society


Join avian biologist Chad Witko for an evening devoted to migratory bird science! Chad will outline the goals of National Audubon Society’s Migratory Bird Initiative and demonstrate the features of their new Migratory Bird Explorer tool.

The Scoop on Skunks


Join Dr. Rem Moll, skunk researcher and professor at the University of New Hampshire, for a peek into the life of New Hampshire’s most pungent mammal — the striped skunk.

Kids Count for Wildlife: Red-backed Salamander Survey

Harris Center for Conservation Education 83 Kings Hwy, Hancock, NH

Calling all wildlife lovers ages 9 through 18! Try your hand at field research and develop your naturalist skills by joining Harris Center naturalists Karen Seaver and Susie Spikol and LAB GIRLS teacher Emily Wrubel for an afternoon of salamander counting as part of long-term study.