Why Shop Local?

“Transporting food around the world takes a lot of energy. Lots of fruit comes from far away while local farmers struggle to make enough money to keep producing. Buying local and seasonal food supports your local economy and lowers the carbon emitted to get that food on your table. Local and seasonal produce tastes better, too – give it a try. And don’t shy away from buying imperfect-looking fruits and vegetables. They might otherwise get thrown out.” – United Nations, Act Now

One Green Planet gives you “10 Reasons Why Buying Local Is Great for You and the Planet.”

Shopping at farmers markets, CSAs, local artisanal and livestock food producers, and farm stands are all ways to decrease your carbon footprint, eat healthier, build community, and support local farmers.

The Monadnock Region has a tremendous amount of local resources for food, from farms to artisanal food producers. Take advantage of them!

Here are four excellent sources of locally raised meat and dairy:

  • Connolly Brothers Dairy Farm: A working dairy farm in Temple that sells raw milk, homemade ice cream, cheeses, various meats, and more.
  • Main Street Cheese: Local, artisanal goat cheeses made in Hancock.
  • Blackfire Farm: Produce and pasture-raised livestock produced through holistic and regenerative practices in Hancock.
  • Yankee Farmer’s Market: A little further north in Warner, the market offers naturally raised meats of all kinds, including buffalo.

For people who may be experiencing food insecurity, here is a comprehensive listing of food pantries and meals in the Monadnock Region: