41 Acres Protected in East Harrisville

February 13, 2020
Map of East Harrisville Land in landscape context.

A map of the newly protected property (outlined in red), in relation to the Harris Center’s connected network of conserved lands (green) in Harrisville, Nelson, and Hancock. Click on the image for a larger view.

Whether you’re a moose, bobcat, bear, or human, you can hike all the way from the Harris Center to Hancock Road in Harrisville without ever leaving the SuperSanctuary — and last month we ensured even more room to roam in this neck of the woods.

On January 10, thanks to generous support from the Friends of the SuperSanctuary, the Harris Center purchased 41 acres at the corner of Hancock Road and Route 137 in East Harrisville. The mostly forested parcel abuts Harris Center-conserved land on its western and northern boundaries, and contains 2,250 feet of road frontage on Route 137. The property is dominated by red oak, sugar maple, red maple, and white pine.

The Harris Center has been protecting land in this area since the early 1990s, with a deliberate series of land acquisitions and conservation easements growing the heart of the SuperSanctuary one land protection project at a time. With this new project, the Harris Center now protects almost 2,000 acres in Harrisville; 6,000 contiguous acres throughout Harrisville, Hancock, and Nelson; and a whopping 24,132 acres across the entirety of the SuperSanctuary!