Harris Center 50th Anniversary Kids’ Art Show

June 10, 2020

Celebrating Nature as Seen Through the Eyes of Young Artists

As part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations, this spring the Harris Center invited children to create and share original art focused on animals, plants, or special natural places in the Monadnock Region. Although we can’t have an in-person exhibit this summer, we’re excited to share their creations with you virtually. Hover over the pictures to learn more about each piece. Thank you to our artists for sharing their love of nearby nature!

"Under the Snow" | Carliana Chamberlin | 3rd grade at Wheelock School | media: paper, pencil, paint

"Wild NH: Seen with My Own Eyes" | Milo Lazar 1st grade at Antrim Elementary School | media: marker and crayon

"Aidan's Cat" | Aidan Marony | 6th grade at Great Brook School | media: pencil on paper

"Birds of a Feather" | Ava Marony | 3rd grade at Francestown Elementary School | media: acrylic on canvas

"Tufted Titmouse" | Alexander Brand | 1st grade at homeschool | media: watercolor

"Untitled" | Briella Mercier | kindergarten at Peterborough Elementary School | media: paint, paper, pipe cleaners, markers

"Reflections in the Mirror" | Adeline Regis | 6th grade at Great Brook Middle School | media: pencil, sharpie on paper

"Spring in China" | Halina Pavlosky | 3rd grade at Peterborough Elementary School | media: sketch paper with marker and colored pencils

"Untitled" | Morgan Mercier | 2nd grade at Peterborough Elementary School | media: paint, paper, markers, pipe cleaners

"Purple Finch" | Ashton Foreman | 6th grade at Harrisville Wells Memorial School | media: pencils and colored pencil on paper

"Making Maple Syrup" | Sara Chase | 1st grade at Wheelock Elementary School | media: oil pastel, silver paper and glitter

"Bluejay" | Peyton-Eloise Brand | preschool at homeschool | media: crayons on paper