58 Acres Protected on Gregg Lake

January 13, 2020
A view of Gregg Lake from the shoreline of Caughey Forest. (photo © George Caughey)

Caughey Forest: 2,000 Feet of Newly Protected Shoreline

A map of the Caughey Forest, in relation to Gregg Lake and nearby conserved lands.

A map of the Caughey Forest (outlined in blue), in relation to Gregg Lake and nearby conserved lands. Click the image for a larger view.

On December 23, 2019, George and Michelle Caughey donated a conservation easement on a forested parcel abutting Gregg Lake in Antrim. Although the easement was donated to the Harris Center, it was truly an early Christmas gift for all who love Gregg Lake! The 58-acre property, which has not been logged in approximately 80 years, was conserved with the express purpose of protecting the scenic beauty of the lake and associated wildlife habitat. The parcel contains approximately 2,000 feet of the Gregg Lake shoreline, and includes suitable loon nesting habitat.

The Harris Center now holds conservation easements on 533 acres of land in the Gregg Lake watershed. When combined with an additional 393 acres protected by other organizations, 34% of the watershed has now been conserved. We’re grateful to the Caugheys for their incredibly generous donation, and to the Antrim Conservation Commission for providing a grant to help offset the ongoing costs associated with stewardship of the easement.