A Bill to Watch: SB 588

February 26, 2020

Senate Bill 588 would prohibit and define “wanton waste” of wild animals and place a ban on coyote killing contests in New Hampshire. The bill is not aimed at banning coyote hunting, nor is it an attempt to limit hunting or constrain proper, scientifically supported wildlife management practices. For more information on this bill, including the full text and its status in the New Hampshire legislature, see its listing in the General Court of New Hampshire Bill Status System.

On March 3, the NH Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee will meet in executive session to discuss and vote on Senate Bill 588. Individuals can make their feelings known by contacting the Senate Committee or providing written testimony prior to this hearing.

If the bill passes out of committee, it will then have to pass the full Senate. After that, it will head to the House, when another opportunity to provide testimony will occur. We’ll keep you posted!