Findings from Invasive Plant Surveys at Pisgah State Park

December 7, 2009

Invasive Plants in New Hampshire’s Largest State Park

In 2008 and 2009, AVEO’s citizen scientists surveyed 54.4 miles of trails and roads in Pisgah State Park — a 13,500-acre park located in Chesterfield, Hinsdale, and Winchester, NH — and documented 29 occurrences of 5 invasive species.

Glossy buckthorn was most frequently observed, followed by Japanese barberry, Oriental bittersweet, multiflora rose, and purple loosestrife. Although not noted along primary survey routes, burning bush and non-native bush honeysuckles were also observed. While most (69%) trails were devoid of invasive plants, volunteers noted occurrences on 10 trails, with the greatest abundance of invasives observed on Jon Hill Road and trails south of the Horseshoe Road trailhead.