Harris Center Opposes Bobcat Hunting & Trapping in NH

June 1, 2015
A bobcat kitten walks through a field. (photo © Tianne Strombeck)

Bobcats have only just begun to recover in the Granite State. (photo © Tianne Strombeck)

In 1989, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department (NHFG) wisely ended bobcat hunting and trapping in New Hampshire due to the decline of the state’s bobcat population. Now, the NHFG Commission has voted to move forward with a proposal for a bobcat hunting and trapping season in the Granite State. The complete proposal can be viewed here. The Harris Center does not believe that this proposal is ecologically or economically sound. Read our full, formal resolution opposing a bobcat hunting or trapping season in New Hampshire here.

We are particularly concerned about the bobcat population estimates upon which this proposal is based, which have high margins for error and which do not take into account severe winter conditions (cold with deep snow) known to be detrimental to bobcat survival. In addition, the proposal has generated strong public opposition. Therefore, for the well-being of the New Hampshire bobcat population and for the sake of the public’s support for NHFG, the Harris Center strongly opposes any effort to re-open a bobcat hunting or trapping season in New Hampshire.

NHFG is now soliciting public comment on the bobcat season proposal. Written comments must be received by February 10, 2016, and can be emailed to (use “Bobcat Season Proposal” in your subject line) or mailed to Executive Director, N.H. Fish and Game Department, 11 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH 03301. In addition, a public hearing has been scheduled for Monday, February 1, at 6 p.m. at Representatives Hall in the N.H. State House in Concord.