Listening to the Pulse of Everything

November 29, 2021

THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to our annual appeal – or is planning to – in support of our work! You help protect the scenic beauty and environmental health of the Monadnock Region, educate future generations about the natural world, sustain local conservation research and community science, and offer a diverse array of programs for people of all ages, each and every year.

With our gratitude, please enjoy this exquisite short film, filmed on Harris Center-conserved land and gifted to us by local filmmaker Dan Kennedy, with narration and score by Adam Arnone.

Listening to the Pulse of Everything
poem by Adam Arnone 2021

Under the shade of a giant oak
listening to the pulse of everything
Mighty wings and gentle shores
winter’s wind
There is calm in the soil
untouched here by destructive machines
There is history and understanding
Ant kingdoms of wild construction
Colors above and below
There are spaces that exist to connect the ones that breath
balancing noise and awe
There are stones unturned with mystery underneath
waiting for hands to look and wonder

These trails
are your canvas
to paint and dream
learn and run
walk and find
Time is slow
and the days settle into night
with the chorus of the living
welcoming those that have just arrived

The cycle is a season the season is a life
The forest is the beginning and the forest will be the end
The land is the beginning and the land will be the end
The rivers are the beginnings and the rivers are the end