Field Report from the 2008 Amphibian Migration

At a Glance: Salamander Season 2008

2008 was a stellar year on the salamander beat! More than 100 Salamander Crossing Guards took to the streets in 2008, crossing nearly 4,000 amphibians at nine sites.

April 30, 2008
A spotted salamander on a white background. (photo © Brian Gratwicke)

Spottie says, “What a party!” (photo © Brian Gratwicke)

Final Tallies for 2008

By all counts, 2008 was a stellar year on the salamander beat! This year, we collectively crossed nearly 4,000 amphibians at nine sites over the course of two Big Nights.

In total, more than 1,100 spring peepers, 1,100 wood frogs, and nearly 1,300 spotted salamanders, as well as handfuls of two-lined salamanders, four-toed salamanders, red-backed salamanders, Eastern newts, green frogs, American toads, and rare Jefferson salamanders, were spared the crush of the tire by our dedicated crew of salamander people.

In addition, this May the Keene City Council and Conservation Commissions both voted unanimously in favor of purchasing a 7.6-acre parcel of conservation land — previously slated for development — in the midst of our North Lincoln Street salamander crossing site. Their decision to protect this land was based in large part on AVEO’s migratory amphibian data!

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April 28, 2008
Spring peeper on the road. (photo © Dave Huth)

A peeper on the move. (photo © Dave Huth)

Another Big Night

Our tireless Crossing Brigadiers moved nearly 1,000 spotted salamanders and over 600 spring peepers to safety in solid rain on April 28, 2008. In our eyes, that officially qualifies as a “Big” Night!

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April 11, 2008

A Big Night

Four wood frogs lined up on a single human hand. (photo © Lou Kaletsky)

So. Many. Wood Frogs. (photo © Lou Kaletsky)

Collectively, our Salamander Crossing Guards helped more than 1,800 amphibians on their way on April 11, including almost 1,000 wood frogs, nearly 500 spring peepers, and 360 spotted salamanders.

Among these counts are an astounding 276 wood frogs on River Road in Westmoreland, 148 spotted salamanders on Glebe Road in Westmoreland, and 475 wood frogs and 382 peepers on North Lincoln Street in Keene. Wow!

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