Field Report from the 2010 Amphibian Migration

At a Glance: Salamander Season 2010

2010 was a strange one. During a single “Biggish Night” in late March, 879 amphibians were moved to safety in Keene, Chesterfield, and Westmoreland and, if egg masses are any indication, our other sites experienced a migration in April. However, the April migration occurred in the wee hours of the morning, away from the helping hands of the Salamander Brigades, so we have no counts to share.

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March 29, 2010

It’s a Start…

Portrait of a spotted salamander. (photo © Larry Clarfeld)

Which way to the vernal pool? (photo © Larry Clarfeld)

With rains disappearing early in the evening and temperatures settling in the low 40s, the weather ended up being a little cool for a big crossing night — but our volunteers were out in numbers all the same! Excitement ran high as Crossing Brigadiers, new and returning, reviewed amphibian ID sheets and chatted amongst themselves in an effort to correctly categorize critters creeping across the roadways. One young volunteer spent some time helping a male spotted salamander find a “girlfriend.”

All told, 879 amphibians were moved to safety, including 778 collective critters at North Lincoln Street in Keene, Route 63 in Chesterfield, and River Road in Westmoreland.

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