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The Scoop on Dog Poop

April 27, 2021
A flyer designed for the Gallatin Valley Land Trust illustrating the water quality impacts of dog poop.

A trail sign designed for the Gallatin Valley Land Trust in Montana illustrating the water quality impacts of dog waste.

We welcome you to hike any of the Harris Center’s trails with your leashed dog! While you’re hiking, we expect you will be responsible and pack out any dog waste.

Here’s why it’s important to pick up after your dog:

  1. It’s a human health hazard. E. coli, parvovirus, salmonella, campylobacter bacteria, giardia, and roundworms are just a few of the parasites, viruses, and bacteria that can be transmitted to humans via dog waste. Many of these dangerous pathogens can persist in the soil long after the dog poop has disappeared.
  2. It’s an environmental pollutant. When left on the trail, dog waste can wash into rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, and other wetlands, polluting our waterways. Pick it up to help keep our waters safe and clean.
  3. It’s just gross. Wouldn’t you rather be looking for wildflowers and wildlife than worrying about stepping in the next pile of poo? Remember: your dog isn’t the only dog that hikes our trails. It’s up to all of us to keep our trails and wild lands poop-free.

Thank you for doing your duty and cleaning up after your dog.