Women Who Care Support Lab Girls

January 30, 2017

a poster featuring girls of all ages engaged in scienceLab Girls, a new Harris Center afterschool program to help middle school girls stay in love with science, just became a reality thanks to a $9,700 donation from 100+ Women Who Care: Peterborough, a local women’s giving circle.

Currently, only 25% of those working in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields in New Hampshire are women. Lab Girls hopes to buck this trend by engaging middle school girls in real-world science experiences and helping them develop confidence in 21st century STEM skills. With guidance from the Harris Center’s skilled teaching staff, girls at both Great Brook and South Meadow Schools will gain hands-on experience investigating their own scientific inquiries and spend time learning from local women scientists. Lab Girls will kick off this spring at Great Brook School, and expand to South Meadow School in the fall.

THANK YOU to 100+ Women Who Care: Peterborough for believing in the power of girls in science!