General News

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Harris Center is committed to ensuring that our trails, conserved lands, educational programs, and conservation research projects are welcoming spaces for all. 

A Statement of Support for Naturalists of Color

Everyone should feel safe to explore the natural world, free of harassment or prejudice, and we will work to ensure that our trails, lands, and programs are welcoming spaces for all.

What We’re Doing in Response to COVID-19

The Harris Center is keeping a close watch on COVID-19 developments. Here’s what we’re doing to keep our community healthy.

41 Acres Protected in East Harrisville

In January, the Harris Center permanently protected 41 forested acres in East Harrisville.

Visionary Founder and Extraordinary Partners Honored at 2019 Annual Meeting

The Harris Center honored our founder and several extraordinary partners at our 49th Annual Meeting on Sunday, October 20.

An Opportunity to Protect Land in East Harrisville

The Harris Center has been given an opportunity to protect a 41-acre parcel in East Harrisville.

A New Model for Giving

What’s the difference between being a Harris Center “member” and being a “donor”? In truth, there is no difference! Our new language for giving aims to eliminate any confusion.

Harris Center Celebrates 50 Years of Connecting People to Nature

The Harris Center is turning 50, and we’re planning a whole year of celebrations! The festivities will kick off with our 49th Annual Meeting on October 20.

Show Your Support with a Harris Center License Plate

You can now show your love for nearby nature with an official Harris Center license plate!

Harris Center Purchases Granite Lake Headwaters

In June, the Harris Center purchased the 515-acre Granite Lake Headwaters property in Stoddard, ensuring its permanent protection.

Our Natural History Collection: Guidelines for Giving

Have a natural history artifact (skull, bone, nest) you’d like to donate to our teaching collection? Here’s what you need to know.

Working Together to Protect the Granite Lake Headwaters

We are now just $20,000 away from permanently protecting the 515-acre Granite Lake Headwaters property in Stoddard.