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Biodiversity in the SuperSanctuary: iNaturalist Field Training & Mini BioBlitz

Eastview Trail Hancock Road, Harrisville, NH, United States

Join ecologist Nate Marchessault for a hands-on introduction to iNaturalist. We'll start with group instruction on how to collect and submit natural history observations via the iNaturalist app, then venture out to document as many species as possible along the Eastview and North Pond Trails!

Paddling for Loons at Lake Skatutakee

Lake Skatutakee Harrisville, NH

Have you ever wondered what loons are saying with those eerie calls in the night, or why loon chicks ride on their parents’ backs? Join Jaden Brutsman of the Loon Preservation Committee and Harris Center ecologist Brett Amy Thelen to learn the answers to these questions and more!

SuperSanctuary Butterfly Count

Harris Center & local field sites 83 King's Highway, Hancock

Join the SuperSanctuary Butterfly Club as we survey local meadows, woodlands, and wetland edges for coppers, crescents, skippers, swallowtails, fritillaries, and other beautiful butterflies! The data we collect will be submitted to both the North American Butterfly Association and the NH Butterfly Monitoring Network.

Family Ponding Adventure

Norway Pond Hancock, NH, United States

Join Harris Center naturalist Susie Spikol for a pondlife safari on the shores of Norway Pond. Wild treasures await!

Kids Count for Wildlife: Monarchs and Milkweed Survey

Peterborough Peterborough, NH, United States

If you love monarch butterflies and want to help scientists find out more about these remarkable insects, here’s your chance! Spend a morning with a team of Harris Center naturalists as we count monarch eggs, caterpillars, and butterflies for science.

Monitoring for Monarchs

Peterborough Peterborough, NH, United States

Take part in the International Monarch Monitoring Blitz by joining Harris Center ecologists Brett Amy Thelen and Nate Marchessault to survey for monarch eggs, caterpillars, and butterflies in a local milkweed patch. No experience necessary!

LGBTQ+ Community Hike on the Hiroshi Loop Trail

Hiroshi Land Route 137, Peterborough, NH, United States

Join Hunter Kirschner (he/they), Audrey Dunn (she/her), and Richard Doherty (he/him) to explore the sights and sounds of summer on an LGBTQ+ community hike along the 1.9-mile Hiroshi Loop Trail.

Hike to Eagle Rock and South Outlook on Beech Hill

Beech Hill Beech Hill Road, Dublin, NH, United States

Explore the history of Beech Hill and hear about exciting plans for the future of this special property on a 2.5-mile loop hike with Jeremy Wilson and Nikko Gagnon.

Lead Mine Road Ramble

Nelson Nelson, NH, United States

Join Jeremy Wilson and Brett Amy Thelen for a relaxed, 3.2-mile ramble along one of the SuperSanctuary's most scenic country roads — and to learn some of the remarkable conservation history of the protected lands surrounding Lead Mine Road, Center Pond, and Silver Lake, which total hundreds of acres in all.

Hiking the Skatutakee-Thumb Loop

Harris Center for Conservation Education 83 Kings Hwy, Hancock, NH, United States

Lace up your hiking boots and join Harris Center naturalist Nikko Gagnon to trek to the top of Skatutakee Mountain, and saunter over the saddle to Thumb. The perfect Sunday outing for those with adventure in their heart and pep in their step!

Easygoing Hike to High Five Reservation and Wilson Hill

High Five Reservation Sky Farm Road, Deering, NH, United States

Join avid hikers Ben Haubrich and Phil Brown for an easygoing, 1.3-mile hike at the Forest Society’s High Five Reservation, with great views from Wilson Hill.

Listening to the Nocturnal Migration

Harris Center for Conservation Education 83 Kings Hwy, Hancock, NH, United States

Every autumn, the night sky comes alive with the sound of migration as songbirds join geese, ducks, shorebirds, and others in an epic exodus that is one of the great natural wonders of the world. Join Eric Masterson for this special evening to listen, learn, and marvel at the wonder of it all.

Babies in Backpacks & Toddlers in Tow at MacDowell Lake

MacDowell Lake 75 Wilder Street, Peterborough, NH, United States

Join Harris Center naturalist Susie Spikol for a morning ramble with your young children! Together, we’ll search for everyday magic like caterpillars, butterflies, salamanders, and more.

Rock Hounders Family Rock Club: Beryl Mountain

Beryl Mountain Acworth, NH, United States

Calling all rock hounds! Join naturalists Susie Spikol and Julie Brown for a rockin’ adventure in search of mica, feldspar, quartz, beryl, and other geological treasures at Beryl Mountain, a former pegmatite mine in Acworth.

Kestrels Young Birders Club: Nighthawk Migration Watch

Hancock Hancock, NH, United States

Join Phil Brown and Susie Spikol for a look up at the remarkable evening migration of Common Nighthawks. If it's an average night, we should get good looks at a handful of these acrobatic flyers. If it's better than average, we just might see hundreds of nighthawks foraging in giant flocks.

Birding for All: Birding the Nighthawk Migration

Stone Arch Village 831 Court Street, Keene, NH, United States

Nighthawks are among the last migrants to arrive each spring and the earliest to depart each “fall,” with southbound migration peaking in late August. Join nighthawk enthusiasts Cliff Seifer and Brett Amy Thelen to search for the spectacle!